Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Romney sons speak to Manatee, Florida delegates at breakfast

Kathleen King, right, at breakfast Wednesday morning in Palm Harbor.

PALM HARBOR -- Following up on their mother's convention speech Tuesday night, two of Mitt Romney's sons made a poignant plea at breakfast today on behalf of their father, GOP presidential standard-bearer Mitt Romney.

They recalled him as a father and as a person. Craig Romney said that his dad was a man who had had many successes in his life, but his greatest success still awaits him in the White House.

The audience was a roomful of Florida delegates housed at the Innisbrook Resort & Spa, for the Republican National Convention in Tampa.

Among the delegates was Kathleen King, chairman of the Republican Party of Manatee and secretary of the Republican Party of Florida.

"I think they did a great job," she said. "It's clear the family is trying to accurately portray themselves," she said. "They want to show what a decent, dedicated, good man" Mitt Romney is behind all the headlines and hoopla of a presidential campaign.

"I think that's the message from the family: 'We're a real family, we're a loving family, and it starts at the top with our dad,'" King said.

-- Sara Kennedy

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